About Me

Hello Readers!

My name is Penny Smythe and I am a stay at home Mom living in California.

I have two kids, and after being blessed with a second child I decided to invest in a Digital Camera – not just any camera though.  I bought my first ever Digital SLR Camera!

Since then I have been gripped with the photography hobby and capture my kids photos all the time – I am still learning though, so far to nervous to start sharing them with anyone just yet.

This blog is to share tips I have learned along the way, whether they be photography related, or just simple advice on looking after kids.

I am also working toward photographing my first wedding – it’s not until 2016 though, so I have time to learn.  I plan to take some classes specifically on wedding photography and ask a professional photographer if I can work alongside them free of charge to carry their bags and make sure I am capable before finally agreeing – wish me luck!

That’s all for now – enjoy the blog and please please please leave me some comments so I know someone else is out there!


Penny X

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