Bust All Myths on Memory Cards

wedding video WaterfordWorking as a videographer means that you need to have reliable memory cards that will stand by you throughout the whole day. It needs to be resilient, stores a lot of data for the wedding video Waterford and comes with a warranty if possible.

But, we are often faced with people spouting myths and reasonings on how to care for a memory card or why it’s broken. And while you are not always an expert in IT, trusting a fallacy or two cannot be blamed.

This is why we’re here to help you bust all those myths and know the right way to keep it safe.

Memory cards cannot get wet

Yes, they can, and they will still be perfectly fine. Hundreds of others first handers can tell you this. I even dare you do this on your memory card, but please don’t blame us if after several next shoots, you find your files getting corrupted.

Being a solid type of data storing, memory cards stand against water. Though it’s important that you wipe it dry and if possible, leave it overnight (in a sack of rice because they suck water) before you try reading the content again.

On the most extreme case, you can just wipe it clean and then continue using the card again. Really, they are some of the most resilient part of the camera if I may say. But, yea, as I mentioned, there’s a probability that if the water goes inside, it might cause problems later in the future. www.goldenmomentsphotography.ie only uses reliable and long-lasting memory cards for their wedding video Waterford.

Card readers can ruin your memory cards

Yeah? Like, how? Card readers simply read your card, they don’t scratch or blow up the inner side of your memory card. The only problem you’ll find from getting a cheap card reader is having to buy a new one within the year.

It’s important that you don’t, however, remove the memory cards when it’s being read. In fact, leave it alone. Some card readers are sensitive (a.k.a cheap) and a little movement can disconnect it. The risk? You’ll lose all your footages. If you’re lucky, you’ll only lose some.

Read and write speed – they are different

Reading speed complies to how fast your computer reads the files on the memory cards and retrieve them. The files are already in your cards, so how fast your computer can display and copy the files depend on this.

The writing speed refers to how fast the memory cards ‘write’ the video you just caught into the camera. This is especially important for photographers who need to capture things quickly. If you only focus on shooting wedding video Waterford, you’ll do well to focus on the reading speed. Videographers are more like to store more big files.

However, it’s also important you are plugging in the cards in the right slot. Not all can support the reading speed that is shown on your packaging, you will need to find a desktop or laptop that has a slot for this if you wish to use the maximum speed.