Newborn Photography: What I Should Know as a Mother

newborn photography Jacksonville FLGetting ready to welcome a new family member? Congrats! This happy occasion is worth the celebration to have a newborn photography Jacksonville FL session to capture all those early cute moments! But, coming here, you’re looking forward to knowing everything you need to know about newborn photography.

Yep, we’ll tell you about them and help you look for a photographer and prepare for it!

Early days

Newborn photography is typically done in the early days of the baby. Newborn during the first few days tend to act very differently. They’re more passive, reserves their energy as they build up an antibody to prepare their life outside the womb. During this time, though, you’ll find them really cute! They can’t stop sleeping and look at you with those innocent eyes when they wake up.

This means the timeframe to get the shots are really slim. Photographers will have you book a session around 5-10 days after your delivery. That’s the best time as you’ve just got out and have enough days of rest and the baby is still in newborn phase.


There’s a necessity to find a newborn photographer that does their job well. There are a lot of things about them that you can read in our other articles. But here, we’ll briefly talk about it.

Your newborn photographer has to be someone that cares about the baby for an obvious reason. This can be shown in how they take certain ‘dangerous’ shots. Also, they have to be understanding and patient enough, because some babies can be pretty hard to deal with (tends to wake up and cry a lot). provides newborn photography Jacksonville FL based service. She’s a professional at this and you’d love how your baby is treated like a queen and king on their first days in a studio.

Stay relaxed

The first few days can be hectic and simply exhausting and a lot of hormonal changes. Staying relaxed is a key to get through them with fewer worries. It will also do good to the breastmilk that you’re giving to your baby. And then, it is an important aspect as you’ll be spending at least 2 hours for the session and 4 hours at most (with a possibility of continuing the session next time).

Feed the baby

It’s also important that you feed the baby around 15-30 minutes before the session. This helps encourage the baby to sleep with a full tummy and will make it easier for the photographer to move the baby around.

This may mean that you have to break your feeding schedule (which we understand some mothers are very strict with), but it will help a lot with the session if you break this one time. It will also result in better results of pictures.

Book early

The last thing you want is to find out that your favorite newborn photographer is overbooked. Don’t let that happen to you! This is one in a lifetime chance to do and you’d want to find someone you like and capable to do it. Book your newborn photography Jacksonville FL session at least 2-3 months before your delivery.

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