Posing For Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is one of the most sought out photography service.

photographers in ChicagoEveryone wants a portrait of themselves looking like a model in one those of fashion spreads. Using different techniques in lighting, angling, and posing, a portrait photographer transforms the picture of the subject in to an art form which would be the envy of all who views it. Needless to say, portrait photography is the golden key which unlocks the inner model in people. Sadly, not everyone has a hidden model inside them which instinctively knows how to work and pose with the camera. Some people find it very difficult to pose when they have their portraits taken with their pictures coming out as stiff and awkward. A great pose guarantees a great portrait. For those who people who can’t find their inner ANTM model personality, here are some posing tips you might want to try for your next portrait photography.

Tip number one: arrange the hair.

Although this isn’t necessarily “posing”, your crowning glory can adversely affect outcome of the portrait photography. When hair is flying around everywhere, covering your eyes and parts of the face, a subject may find it hard to strike up the right pose for the camera. Keep it in bun, tie it or just push it at the side will make things easier for you and your portrait photographer. Or you can always use your hair in your portrait photography as a prop. One pose you could try with you luscious mane is to have a shot of you tucking it at the side behind your ear. If dramatics isn’t your cup of tea, you could do the classic pose of having your hair positioned at the back of your soldiers to help clear your face. Just remember that hair in front of the face is a big no in portrait photography and you’ll survive. The next posing technique is sort of a cheat to avoid looking chubby. Simply lift the arms. Why? No one likes flabby arm wings and that will happen if you don’t lift your arms. Make sure they are angled away from your body when you are doing a side-view pose and your portrait photography will look so much better.

Models do this all the time.

The last posing technique which will make your pictures look better is to push your ears forward rather than the chin. Not doing this gives you a clear shot of the flabby part under your chin which creates an image of a double chin. This is something you want to avoid in portrait photography. On the other hand, pushing your chin forwards makes you tilt your head up a bit and give your photographer a huge peek of your nostrils. This is also something you want to avoid.

It would be best to use your ears as the ruler for angling your face. Thus push forward with your ears rather than pointing with your chin and you’ll get those amazing portraits in no time. Hopefully these tips will aid you when you will be doing your portrait photography. Think about photographers in Chicago (http://www.clarebrittphoto.com/) the next time you have a need for any.

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