What to Wear to a Family Portrait Photography Shoot

A family portrait is an awesome masterpiece that you will be proud to display in your house. You would want other people to see the members of your family and of course seeing the family portrait will inspire you every day.
Like other portrait photographs, the focus in a family picture is the persons in it. All family members should look amazing and no one person should stand out.

If you and your family are planning to have a family portrait taken, it is best to plan ahead on how to make everything work so the result is splendid. There are several important factors to consider in a family portrait photography shoot and one of these is the clothing to wear.

Since it is a family portrait and you seldom have it taken, it would be best to talk with family members about it. Strategize on what type or color of the clothes the family members should choose.

You can also ask ideas from your family portrait photographer so he/she can provide suggestions on what you and the rest should wear. Below are the tips we have gathered to help you prepare with your family portrait shoot.

1.) Ask what the background is or where the location of photo shoot is.
It is best to ask the photographer ahead on where he plans to shoot the family picture. If the shoot will be taken outside, then you should avoid wearing white because the color will get absorbed by the background. If it will be taken inside a photo studio, ask what the background color is so you can plan what colors will complement the backdrop.

2.) For formal family portrait, wear solid colors like black, grey or neutral colors. For babies, they can wear light colored clothes because even if they wear something different and stand out, the photo would still look nice. Babies will also look bigger in light clothes so they can be seen even with other bigger family members around. Newborn photography is quite different, so consult and expert like  Patricia June an expert in newborn photography in Pittsburgh

3.) Avoid wearing shirts with too much printing or with big logos. It won’t like nice in the picture because the focus will be taken away from the main subjects (which of course are the family members). The logo or print will catch more attention to the viewers.

4.) Choose 2 or 3 colors. If all members have agreed on 2 or 3 color shades. It would be best to split the persons with the same color so the picture will look nicer. Suggest this to the photographer (but most professional photographers already know this.

5.) Top and bottom should be of similar shade. Wearing a light-colored top and a dark-colored bottom will make your upper body look bigger. On the other hand, wearing a dark top and light bottom will make your lower body bigger. Of course, we all want to look well-proportioned in the picture.

6.) Wear minimalistic jewelry. If you wear too big or too many jewelries, the attention will be drawn into your jewelries and not on you who is wearing it.

7.) Consider wearing clothes with sleeves. Your arms will look bigger in the picture if not covered so it would be best to consider wearing a shirt or blouse with sleeves.

8.) Place the clothing on the floor and picture out how the result would look like. If you have time, gather all the clothes that the family members will wear and see how the color combination will look like.
Wearing the right clothes will make your family portrait look very awesome. Make sure to try out our suggestions so all of you will be happy and contented with the timeless family portrait you get.


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